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2nd DV letter?

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I am still in the learning process of this and need some help. I sent a DV letter out and the only thing they sent me back was a letter with the account number and the amount the say I owe. What does my next letter need to say? What do I send to the CRA after all this is over? Thanks!

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Did their initial letter to you contain all 5 items specified in § 809(a) of FDCPA?


If not that's one violation for them.

Their response does not sound like adequate validation. Keep all correspondence you get from them. Keep a copy of everything you send them. Save your CM receipts and RRR green cards.

Go ahead and dispute the TLs with the CRAs. In your second DV letter, just keep it simple and reiterate they have not validated.

"I received your letter dated xxxxx yy, 2007. You have still not provided adequate verification of this debt. Delete all reporting to the credit bureaus until you provide me with adequate verification of this debt."

Follow Kristy's DV flowchart.


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I guess I will send letter number two out. What is the next time frame for them to reply?

To a DV letter? By law, they don't have to respond, ever, to a DV letter. They can choose to respond in 2 weeks, 2 months or 10 years, if they like.

But, if they pursue collection efforts BEFORE validating, then they are in violation. Collection efforts includes calls, letters, reporting to the CRAs or filing suit.

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