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will ask again someone might know


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Im still on BestBuy battle. Best Buy has had (I think) 3 financial backers

in the last 17 years. In 91 through 1997 they were Bankone. I know

because mine is under Bankone from 91 and my moms is from 97. Now somewhere between 97 & 07 they i believe became gemb(which also does a little

factoring). Now they are under HSBC. When Bestbuy moved to another

backer would they take all the info with them to the new backer. So

our debt is transferd to GEMB from Bankone. Or does Bankone continue

to handle our debt since it is their loan/account/money:confused:

I know that my moms card issued under BOne is still there even though they have new financial backers. Or can they have more than one backer depending on your credit ratings.:confused:

I ask because GEMB has reaged the debt and would they be the OCs or like a

CA. since it was never opened under that bank.

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Sad to say it was not at the time.But we were sure we went back

to bestbuy/bankone and pd it in one of our numerous consolidation

loans. Have no proof because of the age and not monitoring our

creditreport. Plus a lot of papers were damaged and thrown away

in that time period. Thanks for the input.

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