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DV request sent and received - they called me

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I sent the DV letter (using sample from this site) to collection agency who then called me. I called them only to remind them once they recevied my written correspondence I had told them was coming (but did not tell them what it was) we could move forward from that point. In the phone converation today they confirmed receipt and said that since I sent a cease and desist they coudldno longer work with me and tried to engage me in conversation. I confirmed they infact recevied my letter and I said I would nt' talk to them without representation and told them I was ending the call - and he said "good luck". What do I do now? ShoudldI premeptively send another (spears vs Bremman letter>assuming they will try to file judgement in response to my letter

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Yet again, Dive is correct. The sample letters NEED to be updated or deleted. I say deleted until they can be revised.

Once you send a C&D letter, that pretty much forces them to either go away or sue. Even if you sent them a so-called "limited C&D", once you use those words it's a C&D.

C&D means they cannot contact you, but that doesn't preclude them from talking to you if you call them.

It's possible the CA will just go away. It's possible they will give the debt to another CA. If the later, then you can DV that CA.

DV letters should not be overly wordy.

"You claim that I owe you a debt. Under the FDCPA, sent me validation that I owe you this debt."

Who's the CA?

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