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Maybe a stupid question.

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in essence it is similar.... BUT the CRA take the collection agencies word for it. They don't have to provide paper work backing up their claim to the CRA, like signed contracts or anything.

And it is automated through eOscar

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All they do is ask the furnisher to regurgitate what they originally told them.

FURNISHER'S COMPUTER: Hi, CRA's computer. LNY has a balance of $5,000.

CRA's COMPUTER: Duly noted.

ME: Uh, CRA? This TL is reporting a $5,000 balance when it's really only $500. I wish to dispute this obvious error, as it has tanked my score.

CRA's COMPUTER: Hi, furnisher's computer. What's LNY's balance again?

FURNISHER'S COMPUTER: That would be $5,000, like we told you.

CRA TO ME: Verified.

Yep. That's how it works. Furnisher reports incorrectly, you dispute, then they just ask the furnisher to repeat themselves. Pretty efficient, isn't it?:roll:

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