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What Can I Do About this Judgement

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I have a question about a recent judgement recently entered against me.

1. About June last year, I entered into a payment agreement with a law firm retained by my former landlord for a $600 debt. But I lost my job immediately afterwards and stopped the payment.

2. In November 2006, they sued me - I received the CMRRR court papers and signed it. The court date was supposed to be in Feb 2007.

3. I called them immediately, and they claimed they cannot withdraw the suit, and that I should continue paying. I made one more payment.

4. In Feb, again my error, I contacted them to see if we could reach a settlement to avoid costs. They refused. I asked them if i have to show up in court, and they indicated that since I am not contesting the debt/balance, I don't have to show up, and there would be a default judgement. Foolishly, I accepted that, and a default judgement was entered. I received a confirmation from the court sometime last month (march 07)

5. Now, I have almost finished paying off the money -- i have about $200 left.

6. I just realized that the judgement has made its way into my Experian report.

I called the law office and spoke the customer rep who processes my payments, and she indicated that they would issue a "judgement settlement letter" once it is fully paid. I can then send it to the court and the CRAs. But she flatly indicated that they cannot vacate / dismiss the judgement.

I have read a lot here about vacating or dismissing judgements and think my chances are slim. But I have a few questions.

-- First, would a settled judgement compromise my future apartment rentals? I am due to move this summer - I need a bigger place for me and my kids and I am concerned about this record on my CRs.

-- Secondly, do I have any recourse to file a vacate judgement suit? Any grounds.

-- If not, and thirdly, can I write a GW letter to the law firm to see if they can voluntarily vacate the judgement -- do these work?

I would appreciate any advice and counsel.

regards, YY

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I can address your once question about renting another place. All rental companies are mostly diffrent in their criteria for renting, but regardless that fact that you have a paid judgement is a good thing, it will go many miles for you.

Best of luck...

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