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Interesting Response to Debt Validation - What Next?

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Good Morning. In mid march, I DV'd AcademyCollections regarding my FirstPremierBank account. The account is still being reported by Premier on my CRs as a charge-off/collection. The alleged collection agency - AcademyCollections - has not entered anything on my reports.

Today, I received a stack of my credit card statements from the collection agency dating back to June 2006 until they sent it to collections in December 2006.

Does statements alone constitute adequate validation? What more can I do?

Would it be splitting hairs if I wrote back to them asking for:

-- my original contract indicating that I owe this debt ?

-- letter of assignment between them and the OC?

-- an explanation for the balance....the current balance is $399 but the last statement was $280 (maybe, the CA is adding interest and fees).

-- OR is it better to offer to settle conditioned on removal of lates or better PFD (though, i understand from this board that it is difficult or impossible to get late removal, let alone, PFD from FirstPremierBank)

Thanks in advance for your advice...

Regards, YY

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