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happy kind of nervous


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yesterday I finally did something!!! I disputed all negatives online. I know I know, some of you are thinking: What did you do that for redbank? You should have CMRRR.... but I really didn't have any "proof" to send in, and I don't really plan on taking CRA to court, so its a start.

Sometimes you have to just jump in ....

I have

2 paid CA's four plus years ago

2 medical CA's five years ago

2 thirty day lates with CAP1, closed/PIF five years ago

2 thirty day lates with Suntrust check protection/line of credit four years ago (open)

1 CA almost six years ago

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There's nothing wrong with online disputes or phone disputes early in the game as long as you keep good records and they work for you. I've been at it now for 3 months, have increased my FAKOs from around 385 to 549 and have yet to mail a dispute to a CRA. CA's and OC's are a different story though. Welcome aboard !


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