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Quick Question about Written Disputes

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If you dispute with CRA's via CMRRR, once they complete their investigation, will they send you a current printed report?

Just had a negative TL removed by TU, and EQ has done something (not exactly sure what they did, but they didn't delete, just removed all amounts from the TL, so I can't tell if positive or negative now). Found the information thru True Credit, but I'm running low of ink on my printer! LOL!

If they will send the written ones, I won't print...let them use THEIR ink! ;)

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I didn't know they were suppose to send updated reports.

I wonder why equifax hasn't sent me one. I disputed 2 old collections by cmrr and it was recieved by them on Feb. 11 then several weeks later I updated my truecredit and saw they were gone from my report its now in april getting close to 2 months after the dispute and i havent' received an updated report:confused: wonder whats up with that

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