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is this true??

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Can a CA do a hard pull on your report if they are trying to collect a debt.

I had TRUELOGIC do an inquiry on my report. I have not recieved anything from them in the mail. I got home this afternoon and had a message on my machine to call this number. I did and it was trulogic saying that "this is an attempt to collect a debt.blah, blah blah..."

This is for a debt that was from 1995 or so and I dont even remember. It is a typical JDB. I informed them to send all correspondence through the mail and then asked them to remove the inquiry. She said that there are only two states that my authorization is needed to do an inquiry and that they have authorization because they are attempting to collect a debt.

Can they do that??

THe debt is way out of the SOL if it is in deed mine or valid for that matter.

Should I send them the standard form letter requesting removal of unautorized inquiries?

Thanks!! :D

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Yes, they can...even for something that old...in order to locate you. The FCRA itself does not limit permissible purpose by a timeline.

However, if they knew it was beyond SoL to collect, they may be in violation of the FDCPA for misrepresenting the legal status or character of the debt. They know it is uncollectible; ergo they know you have no obligation to pay it so tracking you down to solicit payment may constitute a use of a false representation to collect information about a consumer (Section 807 (10)).

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