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Is this junk mail or something to take serious??

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I received a letter by mail yesterday claiming that I am a member of a class action suit against NCO Financial Systems Inc. (JDB)

I will list "word for word" what most of the letter states and hopefully someone can tell me if this is just junk mail or should I do something with this information. Because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS.


YOU HAVE NOT BEEN SUED IN THIS MATTER. This letter is a notice that you may be entitled to recover money as a member of the Class. if you return the proof of claim form on the last page of this notice by May 14th, 2007, you will receive a payment.

If you received a collection letter from NCO Financial Systems, Inc. your rights may be affected by this lawsuit. This notice is given to inform you about this lawsuit so that you may have an opportunity to comment on and participate in the benefits of the proposed settlement.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, pursuant to the Order of the United States Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, (the "court"), dated March 8, 2007, it was determined that the above-captioned lawsuit may be settled on behalf of a Class of plaintiffs (the "Class") pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(B)(3) and defined as follows:

All individuals in the state of Wisconsin who, during the Class Period:

A. were sent a collection letter by NCO asserting a debt owed to "CAPITAL ONE"; and were sent a collection letter by NCO stating "This offer may expire without notice or be revoked at any time"; or

B. were sent a collection letter by NCO substantially similar in form to the letter NCO sent to Plaintiff Zebra (attached as Exhibit 1);

C. seeking to collect a debt for personal, family or household purposes;

D. whoes letter was not returned as undeliverable by the Postal Service;

However, the Class excludes any consumer who would meet the class definition but hwo has already settled an FDCPA claim against Defendant since the start of the Class Period.

It then goes on later in the letter to state this.............

Settlement of the Lawsuit

The Class consists of approximately 8,200 people. Plaintiffs and Defendant have agreed to a proposed settlement that provides:

1. Defendant agrees to pay $14.00 to each class member who timely returns a proof of claim form.

2. Any settlement check that is returned as undeliverable by the postal servie or which remains uncashed d120 days after the date of distribution shall be considered to be undistributable funds.

3. In consideration of their time and effort and their willingness to represent the class, Plaintiffs Zerba and Cabagua will be paid theri maximum individual claim of $1,000. The other plaintiffs will also be paid their maximum individual claim of $1,000. Paul Sobczak, who was not a named plaintiff but received the same debt collection letter as the other plainiffs will be paid $500. These payments will not diminish the class recovery.

4. Plaintiffs will seek from the Court an award of attorneys'fees and expenses for Class Counsel, not to exceed $60,000,

5. Defendant shall be responsible for administering the class notice and distibution of the settlement funds or, at Defendant's sole discretion, paying an independent claims administrator to do so.

6. Upon final approval of the settlement the Court will enter a judgment dismissing the lawsuit with prejudice and releasing Defendant of all liablity to Plaintiffs and the Class for the Released Claims.


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it is what it says.. a class action suit.. I got one yesterday for another company..... some group of lawyers got together and decided to sue NCO.. if they find for the side you could be entitled to funds from that suit... all of 14.00.. for me I would blow it off...but thats just me because I am not handing out any personal information for 14 bucks

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Actually this is a settlement. You got the letter because under discovery the lawyers found out that NCO had mailed you one of those deceptive letters that offered a deal to close the debt but with small print saying they could withdraw the offer at any time; even if you agreed to their debt settlement offer.

Your $14 is guaranteed if you agree to settle as part of the class. But the letter should also include instructions on how to execute your option to reject the settlement under the class action, which would allow you to go after NCO yourself as an individual.

Frankly unless you wish to kick the bees nest, I'd take the $14. This class action settlement apparently does not mean NCO drops the debt even if you agree to settle. It's just for a deceptive letter they sent out.

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