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arrow dismissed without prej. WHAT ABOUT

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Now with that out of the way. We had a counter claim in and will that

go away with the dismissal of suit? They still have it on my CR and it went up by $94.00 when I disputed it. Yes they verified it. Can we take out our own case against them? Someone let me know.

thanks aunieandreg:)

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yes we did. We recieved a very large envolope from thier attorney as to

why each of our claims should be dismissed. I should have seen an attorney

before I did that. This sight was an emense help in all that I did.

Thank you all soooo much:) . But I am in over my head on this and have hired

legal counsel before I go any further. We go in on Thur. 12 at 1:30 for our

pre-trial. Wish us luck

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