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Should I pay???


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Most definitely do as suggested above. But, before you do anything else, do the following.

1. Send a CMRR letter to the CA and tell them if they will agree to delete the TL for payment, you will remit payment upon receipt of a letter from them, signed by an authorized person to accept this offer. Remember, no more phone calls to them, only written communications.

2. As advised above, purchase a MO and remit payment upon receipt of their letter. Then, send a copy of that letter to the CRA's asking for deletion. Otherwise, the TL will sit there until the CA removes it, which could be up to 90 days at times. This way it is done within 30 days.

To add, if these debts are timebarred, be sure and include this in your letter that you are aware they have no legal recourse to debt, but, if they will accept your offer, you will pay. But, if timebarred, only offer to pay maybe $.25 on the dollar at the most.

Lastly, always know that a paid collection is just as bad as an active collection. This means that when paid, the TL will be noted as paid, but, your score will dip due to the current status, and will take some time to season in. But, if TL deleted, you could realize an increase in your score immediately. Some have said they got a good one wihile others got less.

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