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Need Help...gas Bill Dispute


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I have a gas bill with southern calif. gas co. that has gone to CA ( PMS )

for $58 date of deliquency 4/2002

I disputed with EX ( DELETED) EQ (VERIFIED) re-disputed awaiting results

I sent 1st DV letter 2/23/07 ( OOPS I FORGOT TO GET RETURN RECIEPT)and they responded a few days later with amount owed and name and phone # of OC if i have any further questions

I sent 2nd DV letter 03/05/07 ( GOT GREEN CARD BACK ) stating they didnt properly validate the debt

and they have 15 days to validate

I sent 3rd Dv letter 3/30/07 ( GOT GREEN CARD BACK ) stating they have not validated and have made violations and have 5 days to remove TL or ITS next

IF they dont remove the TL within 5 days whats my next step ???? :confused:

I have read on here how people write letters stating that the CA have made many violations send me a check xdancex ( or they will take they to small claims )

Suggestions Greatly Appreciated

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I also have a dispute with SUPERIOR (something)TMOBILE someone opened this account in my name in 2005


I know I need to file a police report

I disputed with EX (deleted) TU (awaiting results)

I sent 1st DV letter... no response

I sent 2nd DV letter... awaiting reply

when I send 3rd Dv letter and they dont respond

Do I have enough to get them for willful noncompliance ? does apply to my gas bill post ??

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