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Frederick J Hanna & Assc.??

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Just got a phone call from someone at Frederick J Hanna & Assc. Anybody know anything about them?

I googled the number and came to this site


the website claims to help people with debt, but I called the number back and they say there to be debt collectors... they also did a hard pull on my credit yesterday, grrr....

Anybody know anything, legit, etc?? As always your help is appreciated!!!!

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Scum JDB. Make sure you DV. On his own website they claim they collect because they sue for everything.

I got a letter from them in January about a JCP old debt that has been bouncing from JDB to JDB. I DV'd Hanna (timely). Havent heard from them again. Now I sit and wait for it to bounce to next JDB.

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