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CRA supplied Forms/your own letter/ or on line dispute?


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I just realized that I put this in Collections and it should be in Bureaus, please move.

I have done extensive reading on this subject and I would like

input of ACTUAL EXPERIENCE from people who have actually done

one or all the methods of disputes.

What I am trying to solve is;

Will the CRA give preference to one type of

dispute over another?

I think that the CRAs try to dodge disputes from Repair Services, so

I'm wondering if someone sends a dispute CMRRR, is that

raising a red-flag and will they try to do everything

within their power to put up roadblocks?

Would sending in the CRA supplied form

actually be better since it is obviously

not from a repair service?

Lets hear your experiences please....

Here has been my experience....

Sent Regular Post letters to 2 CRA's, one CRA was ok, one denied

Did on-line disputes , all ok so far, no roadblocks

What is your actual experience please.

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