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True credit and Experian discrepancies

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I have a second mortgage that was IIB but reaffirmed. The Ch7 was filed in 07/06 and discharged in 12/06.

On truecredit EX shows a CO on 12/06. Then shows it going back to normal payments in March of 2007.

When looking at the actual EX report is doesn't show up as a charged off. Just shows that the normal payments are being made.

Which one are lenders going to see and what should be done?


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If the Truecredit is a 3-in-1 report, don't go by it. Go by the 'real deal' from EX. Legally it can NOT show a charge-off if it was not in charge-off status before you filed for bankruptcy. It whould be noted as 'IIB" -even if you reaffirmed it.

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