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Should I close my secured Cards??

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I have 2 Secured cards, one through Orchard for 300 and one from Hooters for 300. But I was recently approved for a Chase Continental Platinum for 2K, a Best buy for 2K, Home Depot for 1K and was approved for Chevron, limit unknown.

Now I've only had the Secured cards for only 2 months, will it hurt if I closed those cards? Keep in mind that the Hooters card is reporting as a "Secured line of Credit."

In addition, I still have 2 Collection accounts that I am waiting on them to be removed from my report all together. I have letters saying that they will be removed and it may take 30-45 days. I feel that I'm in a pretty good position to close them. Just wanted to see what everyone else has to say.

Thanks in advance!

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If it's only been 2 months, and you have good unsecured new TLs, I say close them (only to save annual fee, get your money back, etc). The only reasons to keep a secured is 1) it's an aged account (doesn't apply to you) or 2) you don't have enough other tradelines (again, doesn't look like it applies to you).

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