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A story of how stupid CA's are....

Darph Bobo

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Late last year, I had to take my son to the ER at Presby Allen (Texas, specifically). It was a harrowing night with a horrible ER doctor, but my son was fine so that was what really mattered.

That morning before we left, I told them my deductible for an ER visit was $100, but they said they would just bill the insurance and we could square up when all that was done.

A month or so later, I got the bill for $100 and paid it. That was fine, and life was good.

About a month after that, I got a bill for $257.95 for an amount that the insurance did not pay. I don't remember why, but I have seen this before and just put it in the pile to pay that month.

2 WEEKS later, I got another copy of the bill sent from their collections dept. 2 FREAKING WEEKS!

Obviously, I was upset, but not wanting to get a collection account on my credit I paid it.

About 2 months ago, I ended up going into the ER for a heart rate of 190 - 210 bpm. Once again, everything is fine but I was just dying to see what my portion of the bill was.

Fast forward to yesterday, I get an envelope in the mail from a medical collection company again. Texas Medicine Resources, LLP Collections out of Fort Worth, specifically. I can just imagine what was in it, since I have NEVER received a bill for my ER visit.

Inside the envelope is a check for $257.95 payable to me. Apparently the 2 weeks was not long enough to wait for the insurance to pay - which they did.

Oh yeah, a final note. After sending me to collections only 2 weeks after I receive a bill, they waited over a month to send me the refund check. The check itself was dated Feb 28th!

I hate CA's......

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File a complaint with the administrator of the facility. This is totally unprofessional. Anyone with any type of gray matter knows it takes, on a normal rotation, up to 30 days average for a claim to be paid by insurance. Also let your insurance carrier know of this. Most likely it was one of their "expert" billing reps.

If you find they reported this as a collection, be sure and let it be known to all involved as to what this has done to you. You get the drift.

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