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Dv'd MRS, passed buck to resurgent, cra verified, what now?

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Here is the link to my original situation: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=264337&page=1

My question is, if MRS passed the buck to Resurgent and LVNV is the JDB (I've DV'd MRS, and now Resurgent, but not LVNV since I only found out that they were JDB after they'd sent the acct to MRS for collection; became JDB in 4/06, went to MRS in 2/07), who is supposed to provide validation if I've already received letters from TU and EX saying the debt has been verified? (EX rec'd 4/5/07 and TU rec'd 4/6/07) I sent the CRA letters same day as MRS DV letter. MRS sent back green card, and almost immediately (next day or 2) I got the letter from Resurgent. I need help with the next step, it was not as easy as I thought since these a$$holes work together over at LVNV-Resurgent-whatever.

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