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Please help me understand......


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Okay I have read the Primer ( I think that is what its called). After reading it I'm afraid that I've done everything wrong.

I don't have very much debt but my scores are in the toilet. EX 529 EQ 483 and TU 543 my scores have went down 70 points since last month. I would like to pay the items off but from what I read it will hurt more than help. Don't know that I have enough money to sue anyone. My biggest problem is Capital One they will not leave. I know that Credit repair isn't for the faint of heart, I'm trying not to panic I'm trying to buy a home by the end of the year and although I don't see my scores jumping through the roof by then I would like for them to be decent.

I have disputed almost everything on my report to start just to see what would happen.

I have requested a DV from Capital One.

I haven't received anything back from the CRA's to see if I will have an on-going fight with them.

Far-be-it for me to ask for someone to hold my hand I'm just asking if there is something more I should be doing? I'm really anxious and I see that this can be a up-hill battle. :-(

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