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Something is going on with Credit Monitoring Services

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Everyone is complaining about not being able to use credit monitoring services, split files, EQ scores not showing up on CR...WHAY IS GOIG ON ? Does anyone think that the CRA's have anything to do with this ? I smell something fishy !!!!!

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SWMBO had a TL get re-added to her TU report within the past couple of days. Didn't catch it until last night.

We goodwilled Chase bank, they sent us a letter stating they would delete the TLs, all 3 CRAs deleted all 3 TLs for SWMBO. EX and EQ deleted mine, but TU took it's time deleting mine.

All were gone, then poof, one of them is back on TU.

I suppose it's possible the OC put one of the TLs back with one of the CRAs for SWMBO but not me. Seems rather odd, and I suspect it was a TU foul up.

Doesn't really smell right, all this flubbing all at once with all 3 CRAs to varying degrees.

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