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CA said they told CRA to delete, how long until they do???

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The collection agency said they told the CRA to delete the account that I disputed.

EQ deleted it on 3/15/07, but TU and EX both show the collection. When will they delete? Are they just slower than the others or was the CA agency lying to me?

Do the CRA take their time in deleting?

Thanks for your input:wink:

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Ok thanks that is what I will do :)

Ask the CA for a copy of the E-Oscar request they submitted to the CRA's asking for the delete.

When you get it, and you can as I have in the past, submit it to the CRA's that are not deleting.

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I should have been a little more clear.

The e-oscar copy you need will tell you which CRA's they requested the delete from. If it is all three then obviously you need to follow up with the two that did not delete.

The other situation may be that the CA did not request deletion from all three.

Then the porblem is with the CA so you need to make sure they follow through. My experience with doing this is that the deletion will show up in a day or two, fast in other words.

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