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Can't Find Information On State Judgements

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I can't seem to find information on the state of west virginia's judgement laws. I am trying to see if I am judgement proof, maybe you can help

1 my husband is self employed

2 i work part time only 16 hrs every 2 weeks

3 my son is disabled and recieves ssi

4 i own 3 vehichles one is a 2002 main car, second is a 1992 and third is a hunk of junk van 1989

5 i have no boats four wheelers etc...

6 my home has a significant loan on it only in it for 3 years

7 we never have anything in checking, and no savings no bonds etc. no 401 k, retirement or such

not sure what the poverty level in west virginia is but our income does not exceed 23,000.00 not including my sons ssi what do ou think?

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