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Court Date Set NEED HELP

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Being sued for 1469.81 CC that I did not know about or had received any

documents from the CC until the CA sent their first letter. 5 to 5.5 years.

1. Worldwide Asset Purchasing LLC

%Buffalo and Associates

2. Providian Bank

3. Civil Warrant Summons

4. In person, by court agent

5. Received letters from Buffalo (CA) requested DV never received.

daily phone calls.

6. Chattanooga, TN

7. Last paid? 2000-2001 don't really know for sure.

8. status of case: pending

9. Did request DV in a dispute letter, amount in question.

10. Suit on a sworn account in the principal amount of 1469.81 plus

court cost of 105.25 and service fee of 35.00.

11. No response noted on summons except court date.

12. No evidence attached.

13. six years SOL

Any advice or comments welcome. This is a CC issued to my wife that

she thought she had paid off or at least only owed a small amount.

CA offered to settle @ a 33% reduction but we never got a DV.

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