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State of Limitations Question & what can it do?

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I've just received 2 letters from RJM Acquisitions Funding LLC, sent to both my home and office addresses, regarding a Fingerhut account:

In it, it states:

Original/Previous Creditor: Fingerhut

Original/Previous Acct #: XXXXXXXX-XX

Last payment amount: $47.00

Last Payment Date: July 29, 1996

The bill is for $170.

I copied the DV letter, and added the cease-and-desist statment as the SOL has expired at this point.

My question is this: Does the SOL simply prevent this CA from suing you or collecting from you? Can't they sell the acct to some other OC and the process starts all over again?

Just a little confused...content on this site is pretty overwhelming, but definitely eye-opening!



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I'm beginning to believe this is a scam.

I got one of those letters from them too...about two weeks ago. If I recall correctly, it was from about 1996 too.

I never had a finger hut account, but that is who the OC they claim was.

I agree with Dive, thats what he told me to do and I did.

I don't think they can even report it to the CRA if it is that old and genuinely yours anyway.

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