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Best way to get initial reports?

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Hello everyone, I am new to this whole thing and I've already spent many hours on here researching, including the "primer" sticky, FCRA and search. I obviously have a miliion questions, but I'm gonna start out with step 1- getting the first reports. Here are a couple questions:

1) I am leaning toward paying for the initial reports to avoid the extra 15 days on the investigation- are there any other loopholes the free reports give the CRAs?).

2) Does the extra 15 days apply to all free reports (including ones you get after placing a fraud alert or dispute)

3) Aren't services like True Credit 3-in-1 reports anyway? and is there one that's better than others? Do any include the "what if" calculator- it seems valuable to have some estimate of what certain changes would do to my score so I can see what to focus on first.

Hope that's not too much for one post. Any input is great and I hope I haven't overlooked these answers elswhere.

Thanks!! :)

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