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Public Record Clouds on Credit


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Since Public Records are "published in Stone", How do you challenge them? Can you re-challenge latter?

Did you in fact file BK? Did your significant other and you were not a party to the BK?

If you did not file and someone else did in your family or was in your family (ie ex spouse, etc) dispute with all 3 CRAs (or whomever is reporting it). Send CMRRR and keep a copy for yourself.

If you did file BK, then look for the BK to remain for 10 years.

If you got your discharge in lets say 1987 (20 years ago) and it is showing up again that you filed in 2007, dispute with the CRAs and look to Johnson v. MBNA 4th circuit and Mullins v. Transunion another 4th Circuit 2007. (I tend to cite 4th circuit cases, as that is where I am).

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