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Told T-mobile kiosk, "you are not authorized to pull an Inquiry" - THEY DID ANYWAY...

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Ok, so I was looking around for cell service,

I went by a T-mobile Kiosk

and asked about the T-Mobile plans...

the guy asked for my Drivers License, I said,

Ok but don't pull a credit inquiry on me.

He said,

oh no, it's ok, I'm not going to pull an inquiry....


I stated repeatedly ( at least 4 times) , DO NOT PULL an Inquiry...

you are NOT authorized to pull an inquiry and

he keep reassuring me that he would not.

I told him if you pull an inquiry I will know tomorrow because

I have a notification service.. again he reassuring me that he would not.

Next day... guess what.. I get notified that I have a new inquiry

on my TU report.

I'm sure they are doing this to hundreds of people

a week and getting away with it.

My question....

Should I sue?.....

It's a violation of up to $1000, but would I get it?

That's the question.

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No, I didn't sign a thing...

It's funny, I printed out my notification and went down there..

they sorta panic. and offered me

3 blackberries for free ( I have 3 lines)

plus a 1000 minutes,

plus 5 fav's,

plus unlimited t-mo to t-mo,

plus unlimited text,

plus one phone has internet,

all for $100 a month,


is good and all... but I don't NEED Black Berries, ( my wife wants a light pink phone anyway, BB don't come in pink)


do I NEED internet service on my phone...


if anyone wants a very good value in a cell phone service..

theres the way to get it.. hehe.

or easy money.. :-)

ANYWAY...., back to my question... if I sue will I get the $1000?

Has anyone heard of or actually sued for an inquiry, and what did they get?

They were talking and said, "we were told it was a soft inquiry"

if no-one comes up with anything, I will send a non-PP ITS....

I wonder if I should just file the suit???


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Somewhere I read that only an Employer has to have written permission to pull your report.

Unfortunately, T Mobile only has to say that you told them "ok" verbally if that is the case.

I do hate it when the sob's get sneaky like that.

The first thing I would do would be to dispute the pull with the CRA.

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RA said he got 5K. And NY state sued on behalf of consumers who had their credit pulled illegally.


I would sue. You have to sign giving them the right to pull your report. So what if they give you all those things. None of it is free; all that does is make money for them.

You can accept the things if you want them and still sue the bastards.

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We've sued on that before. Gotten lots of $$$$$. Most of it is confidential. What I am allowed to say that we've sued and prevailed.

Also you need to becareful when you go to car dealerships, they do the same thing.

Did they give you a turn down notice or anything?

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