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Need advice on what to do


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Hi there,

If you read my previous threads you will notice that I've had problems with Crap 1 lately. They have hammered me with fees on top of more fees. The CS Rep wouldn't give me much more than $130 in credit even though I have more than $500 in fees at this point.

As things stand today, I am 3 months behind in payments. I had enough money to actually clear things up a month ago, but the "Account Manager" waited 10 days to return my call and therefore the money went elsewhere - other bills.

I now owe more than $1000 on a $500 limit card. I know that its cruising towards collections too...

Given the current situation, would one advise me to a) pay $10 just to keep it out of collections for another month and hope that a large commission check comes in or B) just let it get charged off then negotiate?

If I get it charged off, are they easy to deal with? Do they do Pay for delete? What are the implications of both? I truly do not know what to do. Advise would truly be appreciated in this matter - I'm starting to loose sleep over this one. Its my ONLY card thats jacked up.

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