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Newbie needs help getting removals from CR’s because of inaccuracies between the B3


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I am trying to figure out how to go about getting two things removed from my credit report.

1. A 30 day late pay to my car loan

2. A paid collection to Verizon

In both cases there are major discrepancies in the way they were reported on the 3 reports.

On the car loan EQ lists the late payment in a different month then the other two.

On the Verizon collection, all three have completely different entries.

Thanks in advance,


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Guest creditjurisprudence

Simply dispute the information as innacurate by utilizing one of several sample letters online. Be sure your dispute letter gives clear indication of why the information is innacurate and how you want it corrected.

Name, address, SSN, DOB and account number are important as well. Send you dispute letter via Certified Mail, return receipt requested. Within a couple of weeks you will most likely receive corispondence from the credit bureaus requesting verification of identity or even a letter informing you that it appears as though you have hired someone to dispute your credit items and that you can do it free of charge.

Simply reply and do not lose patience. They must continue to investigate your dispute regardless of any letters they send you. Within another few weeks you should receive a letter informing you of what action was taken and a copy of your updated credit report.

If you do not experience the results you were looking for then post your next question.

Good luck!

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