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Has anyone delt with mann bracken?


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Yes they are the biggest creeps!!!! Here is the skinny on them.

Here is a debt collector-law firm with a TERRIBLE phone system and a new consumer scam called ARBITRATION.

This ruse, is used by the credit card companies to screw you out of your legal rights and give them the upper hand. The key to dealing with Mann-Bracken is to DISPUTE the account within the first thirty days of receiving their written notice. Make a demand for all documents that substantiates their claim, including a copy of the arbitration clause. Send your dispute via certified mail, get a receipt, and keep a copy. DO NOT be intimidated by their threats!


Atlanta Law Firm Settles Software Piracy Claims Washington D.C., (October 31, 2000) -- The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today announced that Mann, Bracken, Layng & Knezo LLC, a law firm based in Atlanta, GA, has agreed to pay $108,679 to settle claims relating to unlicensed copies of Corel, Microsoft and Symantec software programs installed on office computers. In addition to the settlements, the law firm has also agreed to destroy any unlicensed software, purchase replacement software, and strengthen its software management policies. (more) http://www.bsa.org/usa/press/newsreleases/Atlanta-Law-Firm-Settles-Software-Piracy-Claims.cfm

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04-11-2007, 12:10 AM



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Yes!!!!!!!!! He is the best!!!!! I didn't use him for a BK situation, but he contacted me personally and we talk for like 45 min. and in that 45 min. he did more for me than any lawyer that I have ever paid!!! I give him full backing! The man is a God send, like some of the more advance users of this community and is all about the consumer and our rights. Reach out to him www.budhibbs.com

old post!!!! I always give credit where credit is due! F.Y.I. :)

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