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Dv/disputed...now Ca Are Reporting Updated Lates


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I recently sent out multiple letters to the CRA's and stated several accounts "not mine". I also sent out a dozen or so validation letters to the applicable CA's and OC's. Mysteriously, some of the account are being updated. I have not received any correspondence from the CRA's or Ca's yet, which were sent out late 3/2007. Most of the accounts still show the original delinquency date different from one CRA to the others. One of the CA, ASSET ACCEPTANCE LLC, has reported the account as opened in 01/2007 and closed/collection on 3/2007, which is the approximate time I sent the DV. This accounts OC was HOUSEHOLD ORCHARD and was charged off in 2003...Hmmmmm. Is this a coincidence or a usual practice among the dirt bag CA's? Any suggestions???

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