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CA's Employee liability


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Hmmmm Read:


Section 813 (A) imposes civil liability in the form of (1) actual damages, (2) discretionary penalties, and (3) costs and attorney's fees; (B) discusses relevant factors a court should consider in assessing damages; © exculpates a collector who maintains reasonable procedures from liability for an unintentional error; (D) permits actions to be brought in federal or state courts within one year from the violation; and (E) shields a defendant who relies on an advisory opinion of the Commission.

1. Employee liability. Since the employees of a debt collection agency are "debt collectors," they are liable for violations to the same extent as the agency.

So since the employee of the CA is just as liable, would you be able to sue them personally as well, or does something prevent or preclude that? such as acting in their official capacity? All i know is if you could make whomever you are dealing with aware that you would go after them specifically then i bet they would work a bit harder to get you gone...

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