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Which credit bureau is the toughest nut to crack?

Which credit file was the hardest to repair?  

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TU hardest to get deletes. Even when the Creditor agrees to delete they take forever.

Equifax now fastest with the deletes.

Experian deleted the fastest when I started. Now they verify in two days. Problem is even when there is a mistake they play stupid and leave crap on your report. They tried to convince me that two different people can report the same account and none of the two is the OC.

I tell you when the SOL has passed I am going after Experian as well.

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Experian is my toughest nut to crack. No matter how many times I hit them with the hammer - that nuts stays intact.

Equifax is my 2nd hardest nut. After a few hits with the hammer they crack.

TransUnion shows me much love. I just have to ask and they say "Okay MissaFraQ, we can do that for you."


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Equifax was the fastest to fix everything, in fact I am almost at 700 myfico score. TU on the other hand hasnt fixed a thing and when my dispute came back, checked into it and said there wasnt a dispute? Now they are getting a CMRR letter(which I should of done at first!).

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