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timely DV to NCO...their response


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Got a letter in the mail from NCO about a DirectTV bill from years ago.

I (timely) DV'd them CMRRR...took forever, but I got the green card back. I gave them nothing other than the info that was on the dunning letter. (Ref#, name, address)

Last week, I get this letter...

Dear mommabear's husband:

Thank you for your recent communication. I can assure you that we are committed to assisting you; however, we have been unable to locate the matter you have referenced from the information we have been provided. Please provide us with further identifying information such as your social security number, the name of the original creditor (they had given it to me..lol), the creditor's account number and/or reference and the billing address of this account. (they have 2 of the 3). A copy of any correspondence you may have received from us would also be of assistance. Kindly contact me at the above address with this information.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation regarding this request.

Very truly yours,

blah blah

Incoming Data Management

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say they got nothin'. Just keep watch and make sure this doesn't hit CR's...right?

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