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I disputed some items listed on my CR's a few days ago. And thought I would be impatient and check the status today.

While checking the status of my disputes with Experian it states that 1 of the 3 items i disputed is listed as "UPDATED" It wont tell me more than that.

In anyones opinion does that most likley mean that its still there just some info has been changed or might it have been deleted?

My impression was that if it was deleted it would say "DELETED"

Just curious. Thanks for any insight.

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Summary of Investigation Results:

Deleted - This item was removed from your credit report.

Remains - This item has been verified as accurate

Updated - A change was made to this item; review this report to view the change. If ownership of the item was disputed, then it was verified as belonging to you.

Reviewed - This item was either updated or deleted; review this report to learn it's outcome.

(these were the definitions given on my EX dispute)

I had two that were listed as Reviewed, the outcome was that they were updated, but I don't remember looking to see if there was a change. I do know they were listed as verified.

Hope this helps.

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Yesterday, I disputed an account with Experian that was showing 90 days late as never late. I got the results today showing the item was "updated" but when I pull my new report the only update is in the comments:

Account in dispute-reported by subscriber

Does this mean the investigation is complete? Or do you think they are still investigating? :confused:

Thanks for any information you may have.


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