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Wolpoff Violations?

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I have sent MANY dv letters to the Wolpoff monsters certified mail which they ignore. Ive read alot on these violations and have a couple questions please.

If they continue to mail correspondence to me at an old address (which is a relative of mine) even though they have been told in a certified letter that is not a valid address of mine...it is family members and will be considered harassment should it continue. Is this a violation?

Also they keep sending me this letter over and over..a dunning letter I guess is what you would call it...saying I have 30 days to dispute the debt blah blah blah. It says at this time no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account. The same day I got this...I got a NAF claim letter signed by a Kelly MacBeth which says only esquire by her title. Is any of this a violation...saying no attorney has reviewed it yet an arb claim. Also I cannot find anywhere that this MacBeth loser is a lawyer. Im still searching but I thought I had read that if they misrepresent themselves to you it may be a violation.

Sorry if I am not as educated on these subjects as many of the users on here seem to be. I am learning and appreciate any help at all.

Also they receive my dv letters and the next day I get another dunning letter in the mail. Isnt that a violation right there?

How does one go about filing claims for the violations? I hope everyone on here that can will go after Wolpoff....they need to be brought down.xWhipMex Even if by little piddly violations.

Thank You!

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