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Reporting questions after discharge


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I recently pulled my cr and noticed that a company that was included in my bankruptcy hard pulled my credit report. This company, Americredit ,is also showing a balance of 4,200 when it should say 0. The company was not granted any money but included in the break down of my chapter 13. This was a debt I cosigned with my ex (that he was responsible for ) and he left it get repoed after I filed. I know co-signers are still responsible after a divorce but the court didn't allow them to collect from me. I have this in investigation, as I do every year. I only get "verified" even after I submit all of my supporting documents showing they are to be paid ZERO. This will be on my credit report until 2009. Any other suggestions? :lol: Would it help to send them a copy of my ex husbands new mortgage and SSN for them to collect from him?

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