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Capital One Double Inquiries On TU CR

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I've read the forums and I've seen where people have given their advice on having credit inquiries removed that are over a year old because it doesn't really improve your score much to have them removed. I have an auto loan with Capital One since June 05. In 06/05 and 06/06 on my TU credit report they show two inquiries each time. My EQ CR & EX CR only show one inquiry at those times. So wrote Capital One and they responded saying I opened an account and thats why the inquiries are on there. I don't think the ding bat lady understood my letter, in stating that they show TWO inquiries...each TIME they pulled my credit report in 06/05 & 06/06. I feel cheated by C1(maybe it is TU's fault?) and was wondering how I should go about it from here? Should I write C1 again and include the credit report showing the four inquiries? I originally did not include the credit report when I sent C1 the first letter because I personally don't feel I should have to provide them with a copy of my entire credit account history.

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