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Got DV back that is incorrect. What now?

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I just got a DV back from a CA. They showed I had three different accounts with them for medical bills. I DV'ed all of them. They sent back one statement that looked like something they had printed out with a zero balance. The next statement had the charge from the amount that showed paid,(it even shows it was paid on this statement) plus an additional charge. They did not respond to the third account. All of these are showing up on my CR and have been verified! What next!!!

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Are you dealing with PCB, by chance?

No, seriously, about a month ago I got a call from PCB trying to collect a recent medical bill, I told them that it had been resolved with the original creditor. They deleted that account and told me that they were collecting another account. I told them that I was still trying to resolve it with the original creditor (the hospital is responsible for my medical bills due to income guidelines.) They then tried to collect medical bills from two different hospitals from back in 2001. I told them I had no knowledge of the accounts. They tried to force me to pay over the phone anyway, I told them I would send my dispute in writing. They said they were marking my account as "Refusal to Pay."

That same day, I wrote my DV, sent it to them. They sent me statements that they themselves printed out on stationary, neglected to even include a statement for one of the three accounts, and said to consider it verified. I replied with the second notice telling them that they had in no way verified that the debt belonged to me (especially since I was single in 2001 and they put my married name on the statement) and that unless they could provide signed contracts indicating that I personally signed to be liable for the accounts, they must remove it from my account. I also requested that they send me documentation of any further action they take on my accoutn in writing.They received my CMRRR yesterday, so we'll see where it goes from here.

ETA: I just saw that the accounts were deleted from my CR during the last round of disputes, even though they responded to my DV...I am guessing that I should fully expect a reinsertion at some point.

I would send a second letter to them as indicated in the article on debt validation telling them that they had not met the requirements for debt validation and to remove the accounts immediately.

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