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OC vs JDB TL section on CR's

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If the OC is a CC listed under Revolving on all 3 CR, can the JDB list under Installment on EX & EQ and Collections section of TU?

Also, I have 1 CRA the same JDB has never updated or listed as disputed, but listed as in dispute and updates the other 2 monthly since PIF in late 06. Is this a violation to have never listed TL in dispute with the one CRA, and how long do they have to update the TL after the PIF?

I have 3 TL's for the same account, OC and first JDB in revolving section, and the second JDB in the installment or collections section. Shouldn't the first JDB have been removed when the new JDB got it?

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I have read the primer and all the sticky's, can't say I've digested it all though.

The OC and first JDB are both reporting $0 balance and the same amount as the original balance, so your saying if 20 JDB's pass this on they could all report for the duration.

The problem is with the second JDB listing the debt in the wrong sections on all CRA's, and never having reported the TL as in dispute on one CR.

I would like them off my report and was wondering if I do a 1-2 punch and the JDB verifies the TL's listed under the wrong section is this enough leverage to threaten a suit to get them to delete?

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