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Ive got a few questions..

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Well I’m in the process of buying a house right now and have been fighting information on my credit for close to 2 years now. My main problem comes in this situation

I have disputed a few things with Experian that I know are not me. One is actually being reported 2 times by 2 different companies. The thing is one is for a sprint bill. I have asked them to look into this and they claim it has been verified. I asked them what methods they had to verify this. They state that they asked the company is blank account # belonged to blank person with blank SSN and they said yes. So it is you. My thing is I have a cell phone with the company currently, so how could this be me? I requested a signature or something on paper to prove it is me. They stated that all the could do was give me a copy of the investigation report. My question is what rights I have on this? Is simply asking my name and SSN good enough proof to allow them to continue to report this? Can I demand for a signature card or something of that sort to really know if it was me or not? This is really the same issue with the other companies as well. I want to make sure I am doing everything with in my rights to get this removed.

Any tips or suggestions would be great. The sprint is on all 2 reports. but i do have a few things that are only or Tran union and only on Experian.


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They can tell you anything over the telephone. :evil: I would suggest you get the "MOV" method of verification letter from this forum and send it certified to them. They are supposed to let you know the who, what, when, etc. on how they verfied this account. I never believe what they tell me over the phone. :ah:ah:ah:

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