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i have a richs.macys account that i need a few tips on


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My wife and I both had Rich’s accounts from the past that are still showing open on our credit reports. I’m buying a house and part of my loan is these accounts must be proven as not me or they must be paid in full. My question is Richs is no more so Macys is the sole holder of these cards.. They are pretty small in balance one 400 other 350.. But how would you suggest me paying these? Can I make them a offer? Would they remove them from my credit or pay off at a lower rate? i dont want to get a ding on my credit for paying these either as they are both close to 5 yrs old now. The problem seems to be that richs never closed these.. they are still showing as open active cards.. Just wayyyy late. I need any suggestions that you can give me to best handle these accounts.. thanks

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