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Credit Card from Providian as Minor?

Guest MrssabrinaPerez

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Guest MrssabrinaPerez

Hi to all,

I've been reading posts on this board for the past week now and I decided to give my question a try.

I received a credit card offer in Feb.2001. I filled out the application and returned it..no parental signature included as I was 17 years old and did not turn 18 until April 8, 2001. Not thinking I would actually get the credit card, I still gave it a try. Low & Behold, the credit card arrived in the mail a week later and off I went to the stores. The limit was $500.

Well I defaulted and then later left state for college. I have now for the past 3 years, been receiving calls and letters from Midland Credit Management in regards to this debt. I had been told that seeing how I was a minor when the account was established, I would not be liable for the debt as the "contact was voided."

After telling this to one of the reps from Midland, their communication has all stopped AND just recently taking a look at my CR - they are no longer listed on my report!!

Question being, the OC is still on my report and I have tried to dispute it by phone and online and all has failed with EQ. What do I have to do in order to get this cleared up?

I even called Providian one day and spoke with a rep...

"I'm 17 right now but I'll be 18 in two months..can I still apply for a card?"

-rep: "No, you have to be of legal age in order to apply."

So knowing that they will not "give me a credit card if I'm underage," what what can I do?

Hellllllllllp!! Thanks a bunch guys & ladies!!

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