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True Credit Error Message

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I have tried to jump on this bandwagon for at least seven months now. I've called TransUnion and True Credit customer service. No one can help me. Maybe you all can. Everytime I try to order True Credit, I get this message:


Unfortunately, Credit Monitoring services are currently unavailable. You will not be charged for this order, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

What to do:

We have other credit management options to meet your needs. How about: 3-in-1 Credit Report & Free Credit Score

Cancel your order.

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I have never heard of that before Poor Mouth.

Board....Could this be to the pending lawsuit?? :confused:

I've called back for days this time and a rep told me that Experian and Equifax were not releasing my report to them. Must be that stupid fraud alert haunting me.

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