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What is CA Doing to Me??


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Yesterday, I pulled my TC report after calling EQ asking them to reinvestigate their "verification" on a TL. I questioned them about their MOV and of course, it was "electronic" (meaning eOscar). When I pulled my report, I found the following:

Account #: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Condition: Closed (Refinanced)


Type: Unknown - credit extension, review, or collection

Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress

Today, their reinvestigation is complete, and the account has been moved from a collection account to an Installment account showing 120 days late.

The CRA is still reporting it as disputed. I did not do a timely DV, but I did do a DV, nearly 30 days ago without any response.

Now, I'm pissed. Can they keep changing the type of account to try to keep it on my credit report. Can they continue to report changes while under DV since it is past the 30 days?

What IS my next step (besides sending them letter #2) and calling them A$$holes that they truly are?

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Is the way they are reporting accurate?

The only accurate information on the TL is "consumer disputes". They moved the TL from the "collections" area of the report to the "Installment" area of the report. Changed the pay status to 120 days late (as if I owe them payments at all).

That one day I saw that showed "closed-refinanced" is gone.

Is this what they have to do, in order to move the TL to a new category? Do they have to close the collection account and re-report it as refinanced, and an installment account?

All this going on while I have had no response to my DV?

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DV only applies to CA's, not CRA's.

You need to send them something pointing out everything that's wrong with that tradeline and politley request MOV.

In this first letter, I would just use snail mail on your own stationary and favorite font and play the part of the inncoent consumer who needs their help and ask whom they spoke to at the OC, and can you have thier contact information.

If you have to send a follow up letter, that is the time for CMRRR and a stronger tone ,warning them that if they don't get their act together, you will have no choice but to review this matter with your attorney to determine what further steps are appropriate. Include a copy of your first letter.

3rd letter is the ITS.

It may be that their formatting of reports is accurate with the info they have. if it was ever 120 days late, it will still reflect that in some way, etc.

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Sorry, let me clarify. I sent a DV letter to the CA who is reporting this to the CRA. I sent a dispute letter to the CRA, which came back verified. When I called the CRA to ask them their MOV, they offered to reinvestigate. The day I called them was the day that it changed status from open collection to closed-refinanced. The very next day, it went from closed-refinanced to an Installment account, 120 days late, and verified...again.

My DV to the CA was not timely. So, my question is this...once they have been DV'd, (albeit untimely) can the CA continue to report to the CRA as verified? In other words, continue collection activity without validation?

I have read and read on this forum and it seems that this question is asked a lot...but some seem to say they can continue it if it is untimely DV, others say they cannot.

And no...I was never 120 days late. It is the CA that is reporting it as 120 days...not the OC. I have absolutely no agreement with the CA at all.

Problem is, I have no proof, either. This is an old cell phone bill from 1999-2000. I'm looking for my payment records as we speak, so I can slap them with a SOL defense.

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I just pulled out my payment history to the OC, and found that the date of my last payment to them was 3/19/2001. With a 6 year SOL in my state they are now SOL!


Have already contacted my bank, having a copy of the check sent to me.

The CA has not responded to my DV letter of nearly a month ago...should I wait, or should I go ahead and send them a FOAD letter?

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You could potentially sue them for a 623(B) violation, knowing that you are clear of the debt- you can leverage that into a delete.

Thank you Divemedic, I always appreciate your vast knowledge on this subject.

I'm not beyond suing but due to personal reasons, it is quite difficult for me to sue. I would be quite happy with just a delete. Thank you very much for the 623(B) reference.

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