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Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A owns up to no validation

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This group is actually pretty amusing. They sent me attorney-type letters threatening civil matter for their client LVNV. This one has been bouncing from JDB to JDB and now Weltman's turn. I will give them some credit though. When I sent my DV within the 30 day time frame....I received letter back from them saying:

Your request for verification has been received. However, we have returned this file to our client, LVNV funding and have ceased collection activities relative to your above captioned account. We will not be able to assist you in obtaining the requested information. This file has been closed.

At least they acknowledged receiving my letter and that they had no proof. Now I will wait til LVNV bumps it along to the next bottom feeder.

Thing about this...if LVNV doesnt have the proof to validate why the hell cant I get credit bureaus to remove them. I dispute and they verify with LVNV over and over. Its bull****. They must simply call them and say can you verify this and they say YES. Give me a break. :dunno:

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This makes me giggle only because one of my friends works for Weltman...and the lawyer that sued me and got the judgment for Discover. I always ask her if she's aware that her employer is an a-hole.

ETA: Here's what my friend said when I told her that we were discussing her employer on a forum. Thought you might find it interesting.:

I'm sure it's possible that some of those people could be right. If someone sends a cease & desist notice we're supposed immediately block any telephone numbers we have for them etc. If they have an atty we're supposed to send any & all correspondence to the atty. If they ask for verification we send it out..now the thing is that I've seen some letters come back & the verifications that I myself have seen are copies of statements showing late fees. Of course if I were wanting verification of a debt I'd want something showing my signature. We have gotten copies of credit apps with the persons signature but again since I don't work in that area I don't know what kind of access they have to those things but if we're getting them from the clients themselves you would think we'd be able to get something (besides an app) that shows a signature possibly.

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I hadn't DV'ed them because I knew nothing about the whole debt dispute thing at that point. I just let them find a default judgment against me (this was back in 2002.)

Unfortunately I think we've all fallen prey to it at one point before knew better. Thank goodness for sites like this. It just amazes me these bottom feeders continue to get away with what they do and the legal system continues to allow it and strip us of our rights (NAF...etc)

You must continue to tease your friend about working for Scum Bottom Feeders.

Now if there is only some way we can all band together and bring the Wolpoff-NAF cesspool down.

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