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Bank of America CleanSweep Debt Consolidation


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I got a letter from BofA today about CleanSweep Debt Consolidation. I guess it is the old MBNA program now managed by FIA card services.

I called and asked which CRA they pull from, they lady said they pull from the closest to me which would be TU. I then asked an agent online and he said they pull the report randomly. Anyone know the truth?

Also what would you think would be a great, good, average score for this program?

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Today is the first that I've heard of this company.

I am in school and find that it is easier to get an educational loan than a personal loan. My loans were all approved through Sallie Mae. I asked the Sallie Mae rep if they offered loans besides the student loan and the rep said yes. He said that the only other loans offered in New York are auto and home loans. He also stated that I could contact FIA Services at 800 598 1902..

I called the number and asked the rep which CRA they use.. She said they chose random ones. I asked her which bank and she said that was random as well.

I think I may just wait for a few more baddies to fall off before I go loan shopping. She didnt sound too convincing.

I have done a bit of research and it seems that they were previously under MBNA...which was not taken over by Bank of America.

I won't even waste the inquiry. Bank of America turned me down about a month ago fir another card


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