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Hi To All, New to Forum...thanks for all the info


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Well long story short...

Before my injury my credit scores were mid to high 700s...now my credit scores are tanked between 510 and 550 reported on all three reports.

Here goes...

Had a great job, more than average pay. Had an accident (non job related, personal assault) and was on disability for a little over 2 years....so we all know what happened. Forgot the credit cards, store accounts, car payment in order to pay my needed items in life...rent...food...medical bills. So 2 years after that, I had made right on quite a few accounts and only have 5 unpaid left open which 4 are being collected by Asset Acceptance.

Recieved my first letter around middle of Feb 07. I pulled my credit reports and low and behold I found out they reported 4 out of 5 (shortly after I recieved 3 more letters on the same day). About two weeks later I recieve my summons for 1 of those accounts. Two weeks after that I recieve a differ summons for another account. So I started searching for what to do and found this site. Believe me, not being versed in credit laws I was scared poopless...saying Oh My God! Just when I started to get back on my feet the vultures start circling.

Anyways, I fired off DV letters for each account and C&D for all 4 accounts to Asset Acceptance. They recieved the letters on 6th of March 07. Since then I have recieve quite a few phone calls from them. Logged time dates names. I then requested a detail record of all phone calls to my house for evidence. I sat down and looked at my credit report in detail and noticed all the mistakes on accounts...specifically what is being reported on the 4 accounts purchased by Asset. At least 3 errors on reporting for each account. I sent letters to the CRA disputing the incorrect information...acctually I verified over 30 errors on my total credit report. 12 of those 30 were by Assest. So I am keeping detailed records of everything..since I work in a legal aspect for my profession I am good at documenting these things. I am awaiting to see what happens with my disputes.

I have my first court date next Friday for a Lowes card ($580.00), to set a trial date. I already requested information on that account which I have not recieved any details. I live in Virginia and the last time according to the form attached to the summons, the account was paid on was in Apr 2002. I do believe the SOL is 3 years for this type of account so I am not worried. Also on the summons they reported it as and Open Account and a Contract account....can they do that? It is either one or the other am I correct?

The other account I dont remember to well was another store account, Shaws Jewl Card ($1300.00), however the summons is reporting it as a contract and not an open account. I do remember getting disability insurance and remember making numerous calls when I got hurt to get the coverage I paid for. Of course Shaws never sent any paperwork...so I will bring that up as a defense if actually goes to trail, breach of contract. The last time reported payment was 5 Feb 2003. However if it is actually a contract would be 5 yr SOL vs. 3 yr. Guess I will find out when I go to the pretrial hearing on the 23 May 2007.

I have 2 other accounts, both credit cards with balance reports between 10k and 18K each. The original balances were around 7k and 3k...crazy how they add on those fees. I will have fun when it comes time picking apart thier itemization of the fees and such.

I wish I would have found this site sooner since I paid a few collections accounts with settlements and it is reported as such on my CR. Dayum I wish I knew about PFD!!! Oh well live and learn.

I would like to thank everyone here that has provided me value information about Credit, Collections and more importantly my rights based on the law.

Regards to all,

Chris aka TwoFaced (online gamers name)

learned to play a lot of games when I was hurt since I was not very mobile. :wink:

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You sound like you've got your act together, so you're way ahead of most of the new people who come here.

Your story sounds very familiar to my own, and countless others who ended up with bad credit through no fault of their own.

It will probably take you two years to get back into the 700 club, but that beats 7.

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Well I am a Safety Manager by trade, so I have to make sure I document document document very well. I have spent numerous hours in court providing expert witness testimony for plant and def. whoever decides to hire me first...lol. So if anyone needs any advice or education on work safety/health laws feel free to message me, I can point you in the right direction.

Well I did learn a lot when it comes to personal injury. Anyone that doesnt have disability insurance on top of what your employer provides, like AFLAC or however u spell it...get it. The very week I got hurt we had a insurance rep at my office, I say to myself, I am never gonna get hurt, I dont need that crap, waste of money. Well if I would have purchased it, they would have paid my full paycheck verses the 900 bux a month regular disabilty paid. Its worth 40 bucks a month.

I also learn...dont buy disability protection on credit cards, loans ect. I had 3 accounts with disability insurance and guess what...that 3 - 7 bucks a month I paid for it...I never saw one penny back. It just helped to increase my balances as one the the associated fees. However I do hope if the jugde says that Shaws account is actually a written contract vs open account, I can use that as my defense because they actually breached the contract too. Have to wait a month to see.

After reading for the past few weeks/month I see that I am not the only one in this boat and it is kinda a relief to find people to chat with in my situation about all these issues. For a while I thought I was the only one on a sinking ship and there was not life vest to save me.

Again a great thanks to all


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