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Being Sued by Mann Bracken need help

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I have a court date coming up on April 23. I am being sued by Mann Bracken on behelf of Chase. I owe them $8,200.00. I am self employed and have two bank accounts one for personal and one for business. I live in Nashville, Tennessee and work in the music business. I have so many questions. I am in a state of panic right now.

1. What can expect when I go to court ???

2. What should my defense be ???

3. I have tried to find a laywer to take my case. If anyone knows of a quilified lawyer in Tennessee please point them my way.

4. I would like to set up a payment plan with Mann Bracken or Chase but no one seems to want to deal. Business has been real slow lately and I just can't afford the settlement offers they are making.

5. I have been advised to go to court and ask for a slow pay but I probably couldn't even afford that right now.

6. Last question, I owe other credit card companies a total of about $32,000.00 or so and haven't been able to pay on them in over a year. I own my house or at least the mortgage company does I am current on my mortgage and all my utilties just busniess had been really bad for the past year but it is starting to pick up. Bankruptcy is out of the question. I have looked to consumer credit counseling and have heard and read mixed review about them. Any suggestions on this path ??

Sorry for such rambling, I am just freaked out about everything. Thanks in advance to everyone and anyone that can help me with some advice.


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